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Visual Studio

Monthly commitment
Annual commitment
Visual Studio Professional - Annual subscription (1 Year)
Visual Studio Professional - Monthly subscription (1 Month)
Visual Studio Enterprise - Monthly subscription (1 Month)
Visual Studio Enterprise - Annual subscription (1 Year)
Subscription model for Visual Studio.
Pay less for software that is always up to date!

Visual Studio is not only an integrated development environment (IDE) by Microsoft, but also a set of additional tools which make developing software a better experience. All this is now available as a subscription model. Not only will your software always be up to date, but it is also the most popular and comfortable form of purchasing services, used for products such as Netflix, Spotify and Office 365, among others.

What do you gain by subscribing?

  • a better price
  • a choice between monthly or yearly payments
  • flexibility – you can change the number of licences according to your needs
  • support – you can count on us when launching and configuring your licences

Which subscription model should you choose?


A yearly subscription is the answer if you need your Visual Studio IDE up to date at all times, as well as the entire MSDN package, which makes software development a breeze.


A monthly subscription is perfect if you need your Visual Studio IDE up to date at all times, but have no need for MSDN and want to be able to unsubscribe at any moment, without any long-term financial commitment.

For a year, with more benefits

If you choose a yearly subscription, you will also receive access to the popular MSDN package, which speeds up software development even more.

  • from USD 50 to USD 150 for Microsoft Azure services
  • Pluralsight training programmes
  • access to Xamarin University
  • access to Windows, Windows Server, Windows Embedded, Microsoft SQL Server
  • Opsgility – Microsoft Cloud training programmes
  • and more

Subscription and MSDN

A yearly subscription of Visual Studio Professional is the equivalent of the widely-popular Visual Studio Professional with MSDN subscription. The same applies to Visual Studio Enterprise. By switching to a yearly subscription, you do not lose any benefits of the MSDN package!

Manage your licences

Easy-to-use interface enables you to manage users and grant them available licences.

A plethora of possibilities

You also get access to the following product and service subscriptions:

Visual Studio Team Services Share code, track progress and deliver software in any language.
HockeyApp Develop and distribute mobile applications and beta-test them.
Xamarin University Training Expert knowledge at your fingertips.

Contact us if you would like to gain access to the above services.

Full support

Subscribing via Senetic gives you the same benefits. We are Microsoft’s Partner of the Year in the SME sector, which means that you receive:

  • help with launching and configuring your licences
  • the best prices on the market
  • access to services available via the Visual Studio Marketplace